• We are specialized to supply any kind of mesh sized Sucrose/Pharma Grade Sugar labelled as IP/BP/USP

    ​Mesh Size - #24-80, #30-80, #40-80, #40-100, #30-40, #40-50

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All EID Parry products are manufactured in accordance with Halal & Kosher requirements and are certified. Refined Sugar products made by EID Parry Sugar do not originate from any genetically modified plant material and no genetically modified processing aids or additives are used at any stage during the manufacture of these refined sugar products. It is in fact, refined to 99.9% purity, the higher degree of purity amongst all brands in India.

We are specialized to supply all kinds of mesh size as desired by you. Currently we can offer you the following Mesh Sized Sucrose #24-80, #30-80, #40-80, #60, #30-40, #40-50, #40-100. All above sugar sizes would be made available in 50 Kg HDPE Packing along with 400 gauged heat-sealed liner which protects from outside moisture so stability of product is retained. It ensures more effective shelf life of the product because it wouldn’t interact to any exposure.

Properties of Sugar

Sugar is an established ingredient in food and beverage preparation because of its unique versatility and its compatibility with normal processing requirements such as cooking, freezing, dissolving and blending. Sugar is also used for its chemical and physical properties in some non-food applications. 

It plays a vital role in preservation which inhibit microbial growth hence extending their shelf life. It also helps in fermentation in production of wine & beer to hastens the leavening process.

Sugar provides many other useful properties:

  • high concentrations of sugar may act as a preservative (by osmotic effect) against most micro-organisms; 
  • low concentrations of sugar can be a flavor enhancer;
  • sugar performs as an anti-oxidant;
  • sugar modifies boiling and freezing points of mixtures and solutions;
  • sugar has humectant properties;
  • sugar is important as a ferment-able in breads, and brewed beverages;
  • sugar contributes “body” and “mouth feel” to all sweetened beverages.

Functional Properties of Sugar

Pharmaceuticals Properties: 

Sugar is valued in cough syrups for its solubility & bodying effects. In addition, Tablets are often covered with sugar coatings to protect the exterior from Chipping. Sugar also functions in the “Time – release capability” of preparations that providing the ability to control release of the Medication.

Physical Properties of Sugar


Sugar is very soluble in water. The ability to produce solutions of varying sugar concentrations is important in many food applications. A high level of solubility is essential in beverages to provide sweetness & to increase viscosity.

Chemicals Properties: 

Sucrose has been reported to exhibit Anti –Oxidant properties which help to prevent the deterioration of textures & flavor in canned fruits & vegetables.

Freezing Point:

Sugar is effective in lowering freezing point. Freezing point depression is an important property in ice creams, frozen desserts and freeze dried foods.Freezing Point: Lowering FP effective in Ice cream & frozen foods.

Microbial properties:

A. preservation – Sugars plays a role in the preservation of many food products which inhibit microbial growth & to prevent drying out and staleness, thereby extending their shelf life.

B. Fermentation: Sugar is extremely important in the baking and brewing industries. Fermentation of sugar by yeast also occurs in the production of wine & bear. This hastens the leavening process.

Boiling Point :

The concentration of sugar in a solution affects the boiling point by raising it. This concentration is important in candy manufacture for elevation of Boiling point which create a sugar saturated solution to determine the candy’s final consistency. Boiling Point: Elevating BP creates Super saturated solution for consistency.  It has been reported to exhibit anti-oxidant properties which help to prevent the deterioration of textures & flavor in canned fruits & vegetables.

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1)Polarization: 99.8% Min.

2)Moisture Content: NMT 0.02% 
3)Icumsa: NMT 45, RBU
4)Radiation: Within Internationally accepted units, As per IP/BP/USP
5)Solubility: 100% soluble which increase viscosity & sweetness.
6)Acidity/Alkalinity: 0.40 ml max
7)Sp. Optical Rotation: +66.5
8)Glucose & Invert Sugar: 55.2 mg Max
9)Heavy Metals: NMT 10 ppm

10)Dextrine/Sulphite/Barium/Calcium: Passes


1) Free flowing

2) Sparkling white color
3) Free from extraneous & Foreign Matter
4) Free from black specks
5) Pan and microbial test & evolution test (Cal/Pyrogen)
6) Less ICUMSA level-45 Max ,RBU
7) Moisture Content: 0.02% Max
8) No color altering impurities
9) Fine Granulation


  1. Sulphated Ash: 0.010%
  2. Conductivity Ash: 0.009%
  3. Sulphur Dioxide: NMT 2 ppm
  4. Reducing Sugar: 0.02%
  5. Loss on Drying: 0.035%
  6. Bacterial Endotoxins: Complies

Commercial Sugars

Sugar is primarily an inexpensive natural sweetener and nutritive carbohydrate. Its sweetness profile is generally not matched by other carbohydrates or artificial sweetness and overtime. The ordinary sugar is used for domestic purpose in home & food baking. This sugar is available in S/30( Small grain form ) & M/30( Medium grain form)
Specifications :Icumsa : 100 RBU
 : 99.5% max
 : 0.15% max
 : 0.10 Max
 : 100% free flowing
: Fine

Radiation “ Normal certified

Icing Sugar

The only icing sugar that gives a smooth finish to all types of confectionery & cake icing. Ultra finely milled , Sparkling white powdered sugar with a permitted anti caking agent added to prevent clumping .which is 100% pure & clean, which blends smoothly, melts quickly & dissolve in an instant .

Leaving behind no taste changing or color altering impurities whatsoever.. The only icing sugar that gives a smooth finish to all types of confectionery & cake icing with anti caking agent added to prevent clumping. It is ideal for icing, whipped cream, filling & baking.

Candy Sugar

Candy sugar ,(popularly called Sweet diamonds) is sparkling white big crystal sugar obtained by cooling supersaturated sugar solutions. Candy sugar is 100% pure manufactured in eco-friendly plant, which means though out the year fresh stock is available anytime. Its large crystals not boast of purity but are also very attractive.Candy sugar is Hygienically safe that ensures transparent candy of uniform shape & size.

Pulverized Sugar

We are also specialized in pulverization of sugar which is available in agglomerating & non agglomerating grade. We will also make available in extra fine pulverizing grade which has more than 300 mesh.

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    • Icumsa: 100 RBU
    • Polarisation: 99.5% max
    • Ash content: 0.15% max
    • Moisture: 0.10 Max
    • Solubility: 100% free flowing
    • Granulation: Fine
      • Radiation:  Normal certified